19th century art critic William Hazlitt wrote that Fonthill Abbey was “a desert of magnificence, a glittering waste of laborious idleness.” His critique had as much to do with this Baroque-era palace’s purpose and use by the very few, idle rich, as it did its inefficient design. When I discovered this phrase, it reminded me of the places I take pictures of during my daily commute. Travel, either at home or abroad, forces me to consider Cleveland’s life-cycle—its once gilded age of unchecked wealth and growth which has left behind vast vacancy due to sprawl and our dwindling population.

I build macro and microscopic city and landscapes combining printed versions of the pictures I take with drawn, painted and cut out or collaged forms. Development and land-use policies that favor newness over reuse drive me to make works that fantasize alternative realities for places that were once considered to be magnificent but are now deserted or under appreciated. The places I picture once harnessed massive investment and now are abandoned (though some of us have stayed nonetheless).

Using the visual language extant in my surroundings—color, architecture, texture and reflective materials (such as metal leaf and spray paint) my work mirrors my movement through spaces: walking past city blocks or sun glare on the car window. As I discover new locations, whether it is Toledo, Tijuana, Dresden or spots along U.S. highways, I open up an alternative reality and give homage to underdog places.

My work has been exhibited at venues, in the US and internationally, including The Toledo Museum of Art (Toledo, OH), Centro Cultural de Tijuana (Tijuana, Baja, CA, Mexico), the Museum of Contemporary Art (Cleveland); Zygote Press (Cleveland); SPACES Gallery (Cleveland); The Sculpture Center (Cleveland); Rooms to Let Temporary Art Space (Columbus); Parsons School of Design (New York); the Rockford Art Museum (Rockford, IL); Gallerie Module Drei & Gallerie Standenhaus (Dresden, Germany); and TJ in CHINA (Tijuana, Mexico). In 2011, I was awarded an Individual Artist grant from the Ohio Arts Council and am included in The Drawing Center’s (NYC) Viewing Program. If you are ever in Cleveland, you can see my first permanent public commission in the Warehouse District. My work is represented by SHAHEEN Modern and Contemporary (Cleveland, OH) and Soltesz Fine Art (Portland, OR). I live and work in Cleveland Heights with my husband, Marc and our son, Ira.

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